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Sexual Assault

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is any unwanted act of a sexual nature imposed by one person upon another.

Sexual assault of any kind is a crime, even in a marriage or dating relationship.

Who is Responsible for Sexual Assault?

People who commit sexual assaults are responsible for the crimes, not the victims.

A victim does not entice or provoke the sexual assault by their behaviour, dress, or whereabouts.

No matter what a person is wearing, where the person is at, what the person is doing, if the person does not consent to sexual activity, then the sexual contact is an assault upon that person.

Victims of sexual assault can be male or female.

Victims of sexual assault can range in age from small infants to the very elderly.

What Can I Do If I Have Been Sexually Assaulted?

You can tell someone that you trust.

You can contact the police.

You can contact Victim Services for more information on your options.

You can contact the Sexual Assault Survivors' Centre. They have a 24 hour crisis line and offer confidential counselling.

You can contact or attend The Sexual Assault Treatment Centre located in the emergency department of Sarnia General Hospital.


Victim Services 519-344-8861 #5238

Sexual Assault Survivor's Centre 519-337-3154

Carrefour des Femmes du Sud-Ouest l’Ontario and Fem’aide - 1 877 336 2433

Sexual Assault Treatment Centre
During Office Hours call: (519) 464-4522
After Hours call: (519) 464-4500


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