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Mission Statement

Victim Services of Sarnia Lambton is a non-profit charitable organization working in cooperation with community partners to assist victims of crime and tragic circumstance.  

How can you help?

Dealing with crisis is something that we all face at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, we may be faced with violence, crime, or tragic circumstance.

Sudden death, physical abuse, sexual assault, suicide, or theft can happen to us/our loved ones at any moment. When it does happen, we can be overwhelmed by shock, grief, sadness, fear, confusion, and loss. 

  • What help is available?
  • Will we be left to cope by ourselves? 
  • Who will help? YOU CAN HELP!

APPLY NOW TO JOIN OUR TEAM. We are currently accepting applications for Volunteer Crisis Responders.

Join our Victim Services team and enter into a volunteer experience that will offer you: 

  • Free crisis response training
  • The opportunity to work with some of the most caring people in your community
  • Ongoing training opportunities
  • The immediate reward of knowing that you helped to make a positive difference in someone’s life

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers who donate over 30,000 hours to Victim Services every year. You truly are “People Helping People” and we are proud to have such an incredible TEAM!

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